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Hi I was wondering if especially during the holidays you could have vegetarian options like spring rolls, pot stickers, soups, ect. i have family members who are vegetarian and have such a hard time providing options for them when it is just 2 people and no one else will eat it. Thanks for your help. Jen Bolling

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Hi Jen!! How nice of you to think of your vegan family members. I know Boku Foods (i buy their smoothie mixes and is organic) has a recipe page on their website Boku dot com and they also sell a kosher/vegan/organic cookbook on Evine website. Everything from rolls, chocolate dishes using cocao, vegan protein dishes etc etc. Hope that helps.

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As long as they are vegetarian and not vegan you could serve macaroni and cheese and most people like that.  Bread stuffing using vegetable broth would work too.  I have a book called Whole Life Nutrition that has ideas too.  Maybe your library has a copy of  it and some other vegetarian cookbooks that might give you some ideas.


Good luck.

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I ate vegetarian for a few years and never expected anyone to have to cater to me when all others ate what the host made.  I always brought a couple of vegetarian dishes for all to enjoy along with me.  I always thought it was quite selfish to expect the host to have to make something extra because I wouldn't eat the meat meals that the others wanted.

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@5346, while I don't know if either product can be certified as vegetarian Q does offer veggie burgers and one of the potsticker choices is veggie.  I did not see anything vegan if that is what you are seeking.

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I buy the veggie choice in Perfect Gourmet pot stickers and really like them. I also purchased the veggie burger from QVC and they are good. I've been looking for a veggie burger to havein my freezer for lunch. I'm not a fan of black bean or brown rice so that eliminated most of what I could find.

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There are tons of variety for vegetarians out there.  If you want appetizers, I'm sure the frozen ones you mentioned are fine.  As for meals, I love making a hearty black bean chili with cilantro and putting it over brown rice.  It's really delicious.  


I am a vegetarian, and don't eat a whole lot when I go to Thanksgiving dinner at friends' homes.  It's fine - I usually have some of the appetizers, salad, maybe some bread.  I also bring something with me.  I am not vegan so it is much easier.