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upcoming shows for new items

Please consider adding info about upcoming shows for items that don't have their "own" show. For example, I've been stalking an Aimee Kestenberg bag and have no idea when it might be presented so I just keep checking to see if the video is up. I feel like this would be helpful for those of us who really enjoy seeing a product before buying.  If it's Issac or LOGO, it's easy to guess, but sometimes it's hard to tell when something will be shown.

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Re: upcoming shows for new items

HSN lists all products that will be shown in a given hour so you don't have to sit through a whole show to see what's being offered.  This is especially helpful when there will be items that sell out quickly but you just don't have the time to sit through every item and wait. 

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Re: upcoming shows for new items

@elrager, you mighty try searching week by week in the QVC programming guide. You can check future shows for both QVC on air and QVC plus. (Beauty iQ too)
Try typing in 'handbags' or 'Aimee Kestenberg' in the search bar for each week.