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QVC hosts used to always tell viewers the length of tops, especially tunics. Not many do anymore. Sometimes  they say a top is tunic length, but it really isn't. It would really be helpful to show length measurements for each size. 

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I've gotten in the habit of looking up the measurements even if the host gives them.  Granted they should always give them.

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I heard the end of a tunic presentation earlier tonight with Jill.  She actually gave the range of lengths for the top.  Usually, you don't even get that much information.  I can more or less guess the length by seeing it on the models, but I won't order any top without knowing the exact length.  People who don't have a computer are really out of luck.  Of course, you can always ask when you call in to place your order, but it would be nice to just have that basic piece of information given.