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about hosts you are thinking of terminating...before they just disappear!

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Please supply a Link.gif and/or your resource of the hosts that were "terminated."

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Guess I don't understand the purpose of this "poll".

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Not gonna happen, dream on. BTW *where* did you get your info about who was terminated? Source please. Yeah, I thought so.

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IF someone is being terminated from a position there is no business in the world, that I know of that would take a poll!  I doubt if very many hosts are "terminated" and if they are it is no one's business.

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But... What if per poll, the OP's favorite hosts are all given thumbs-down and given the boot?  Then do we get a thread about how the poll must have been rigged?


Might as well just say Hey QVC, make sure you check with me first before you're thinking of letting someone go - if I say no, it ain't gonna happen, you hear? 



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Re: take an audience poll

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That is one of the dumbest ideas that I have ever heard.



Downright stupid.





How would the o/p like it if at their place of employment, that their boss took a popularity poll to see who got canned, and oooops, it turned out that it was them?



Yeah, that's what I thought.

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Re: take an audience poll

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@darlight wrote:

about hosts you are thinking of terminating...before they just disappear!


Do not think that is a good idea and QVC would never do it!  But, I do think that viewers should be able to "evaluate" hosts' presentations and QVC should pay attention to that information.   In any job I have ever held, customer evaluations were always a large part of my supervisor's annual appraisal.   In fact, their comments and assessments were very important to my job retention and if I received a raise!!