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Pls show foot size patterns so that a customer will know what size shoe to order, no more of the "order to size."  Most of us don't know what size shoe will fit our feet as shoe brands differ.  Also, tell hosts to stop talking over each  other and  pretending the shoes they are featuring and putting on their feet are "so comfortable."  When I see the models modelling shoes the shoes really don't fit them such as the heels showing gaps on their feet.  Thank you.  Look forward to seeing these issues solved very soon.

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What are foot size patterns?

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You're kidding. 

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How do I get a pattern for my big size 11 feet on my 9" pad?  Not a practical idea.  I have no problem finding my correct size and order all of my shoes online.

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You are lucky if your shoes always fit when you buy them online. Unfortunately that’s not the case at QVC because I’ve got Clark’s in two different sizes because the sizing varies even within a brand. I never have that trouble with Birkenstock - their sizes are very consistent but not so with the QVC shoe vendors.


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Re: shoe sizing

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I've never heard of foot size patterns.  I Googled it and didn't come up with anything.  What does this mean?


I have ordered a couple of pairs of shoes from QVC.  I kept one pair and returned the other.  I always wear a size 8, but I have bunions on each foot, and sometimes the shoe will hit me on my bunion and not be comfortable.  


I do order most of my shoes because I have flat feet and need to wear comfort shoes most of the time.  They are not that easy to find around here.  I order from places that have free shipping and free returns, because I do have to return them occasionally.

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Even within the same brand, different shoes are made on differently shaped "lasts."  These are the specific shapes of the sole and can affect how a shoe fits, even if it's exactly the same size and width.

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