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What I would like to see is a simple floor length sweatshirt with long sleeves.  I had one years ago and it is the perfect item for cold nights.

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I'd like to see that, also. I had one in the 70's that zipped down the front and had a hood.

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Google it, they are around

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There are hooded zip front bathrobes all over the planet - you just have to look!

The several loungewear/lingerie vendors here on the Q have them as well - not a hard find.

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I want discounted Yeti coolers LOL

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Re: product suggestions. Kringle Express Bags

I like the Kringle Express bags but they can stand some improvement. A lot of times I find I can't fit the gift in the bag even if it's a large size. If I could get it pass the top, it would fit. The gusset needs to go from bottom to top. That would make the opening larger so the gift could make it pass the top. I also would prefer more jumbo and large bags. Maybe you can come up with a set of just the larger bags.