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@Helen Bach Oh for pity's sake, it's a color, nothing more.

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How about MOUSE gray ???

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Elephants have killed people and they are not inanimate objects.  I'm more turned off by "Oxblood" and "Pigeons Blood" red.

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Re: gunmetal gray

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When someone was wears a dingy white tee shirt...Battleship Gray. LOL

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It doesn't bother me. Guns can be very useful. Guns have saved the lives of many good people. The word gun is not offensive to me.  Imo, I think we have much bigger fish to fry than the word gunmetal. If someone doesn't like the word, it's perfectly ok if they don't want to use it.  I think this is one of those personal preference things and we just allow people to see it as they see it.  No need, imo, to change it.

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@Foxxee wrote:

I think it perfectly describes this color. 


I have nothing against guns.  It's people using them irresponsibly who are the problem, not the guns.  

@Foxxee   Oh my gosh, you are sooooooo correct! thank you!  Just like a car......It's not the car, It's the driver!!

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I told myself to stay out of this ridiculous issue - but those of you who are familiar with my postings will not be surprised by my response.


My question is:  do those of you who always find something to carp about lie awake nights deciding what you will post the next day with righteous indignation?


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Of all the things that bother me in this world, what they choose to name colors is not one of of them.  My opinion, being bothered by this is just looking for something to be bothered by and is petty.


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@candys mine wrote:

Elephants have killed people and they are not inanimate objects.  I'm more turned off by "Oxblood" and "Pigeons Blood" red.

Really?  This is a real response?  Elephants kill people?  The only example I can think of is the hunter who shot an elephant who then fell on him.  But some might see that as the hunter causing his own death or poetic justice.

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@liliblu   Why, Yes, Yes it was.  I was referring to Helen Bachs original post where she gave Elephant Grey as an alternative option the Gunmetal Grey. 

Guns by themeslves have no ability to kill.  they can not pick themselves up off the table and fire themselves.

Elephants can and DO kill people.  About 100 humans a year are reported killed by elephants in India. So, gunmetal grey,  a color named from an inanimate oblect , or Elephant grey that can make a choice to kill?  Which one, in the long run,  would be the  more benign choice?

There are more important things to turn your thoughts to than name of a color.