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not to be too politically correct, but does it have to be gun metal?  How about metallic gray or elephant gray or steel gray or just plain lucious gray?  Those of us who have been negetively effected by guns don't think it's nicely descriptive.

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How about Medium cool gray?


If the name "gun" metal is bothersome (lucky you - much bigger things bug me, oh and some much smaller things too I admit!) but at least medium cool gray describes the same color.


Metallic describes irridescence - and usually has flecks of silver or some other metal in it.


Grays are hard.

There's Blue grays and there's Yellow or warm depending on what hues were used to create the gray shade.

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I think it perfectly describes this color. 


I have nothing against guns.  It's people using them irresponsibly who are the problem, not the guns.  

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Gun metal is a type of metal often called red brass.  it contains mostly copper as well as tin and zinc.  This metal is used to make gears and bearings, statues and buttons and is an important metal.


It is not used to make guns, though it used be many years ago.  Today most firearms are made from in steel gray.


It doesn't bother me to use this term to describe a color and trust me, My family has been impacted by a person/s using a gun.  The gun is not the bad guy, but the person using the gun was.

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I understand your point. I think sometimes they get too cute with thecolor names . I think maybe something more straightforward like  light, medium, or dark. 

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It wouldn't bother me if they changed it, it wouldn't bother me if they don't. 

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Its a non-issue with me.  I don't expect them to quit call something fire red just because I got burned by a match once.

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Oh, good grief.

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@Helen Bach  Haven’t seen you here for quite awhile. Good to have you back. 

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It's a color.  Some people are over-the-top ridiculous.