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to TPTB:


Every now and then I'd like to buy something I see that I actually might need. Take for instance that Disposal Scraper that was on David's show on 12/6. But it is packaged as a set of 3. Now, I only have 1 disposer and I don't want to gift 2 of these. I also saw the set of 3 sonic toothbrushes. One is good, 3 is not better. 


I realize it is more cost effective for you to ship out multiples, but people who don't need or want them just don't buy anything.  And this doesn't just happen at Christmas time for gifting. I see it all the time.


Please think about offering things for single people as well.

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Re: buying in bulk

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Offering multiples is often done at Q this time of year. I agree with you especially on this item which isn’t really giftable in my opinion. I would give it to someone, but not wrapped up as a nice present. 


PS I only want ONE Fluffie blanket today, not two. 

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Re: buying in bulk

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You do know that the Disposal Scraper is also available as a single purchase. Item number is K43975.

But I understand you frustration, there are some items I would purchase, but don’t need multiples.