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an announcement at the top banner when there is issues signing in and let us know updates.  This issue was driving me nutzo and would be nice to see some kind of communication from QVC to let us know instead of guessing.  Please consider applying this.

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@northiie57   Exactly.  Not to mention it would be easier for them instead of being bombarded with phone calls, chats, emails, etc.

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After a week, I finally was able to sign in !!!!!!


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@northiie57   We all know this won't happen. People can post this comment until h e l l freezes over and nothing will change!


Q does not respond to questions about this. Never has, never will. This is how they operate, no use asking them to change. Won't happen.


People have requested this in the past and it never changes. They don't communicate with posters/customers.

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When I couldn't log in last week I sent an email to the social team for help with the problem. At first they replied they were aware and working on a repair. When I sent a second request for help, they let me know the forums would be fixed by Thursday and that's what happened. So the social team does respond. A public update would have been nice but I was happy with their response and follow up.

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I was not happy with the response.  I was told to delete cookies and switch browsers.  A public announcement would have been the caring thing to do.  This forum will be gone in January anyway so I guess it doesn't make any difference.

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Not sure why people feel they are entitled to an explanation.  This site is free to the user, issues are addressed individually.  Have never seen any other site post banners addressing system issues.


Really wish people would stop speculating when or if these boards will go down....sounds like a bunch of little kids whinning.

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