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Wish you would support Opera browser

2 things that don't work correctly in Opera is 1) the 'Was this review helpful link' in the reviews as erroneously it takes me to the Write a Review page & 2) if you quote a forum reply, it's not possible to get the cursor out of the quote box.

My computer is old & at the time I purchased in 2003, DDR was brand new & I bought Rambus(?) 1066 parity ram so I only have 1/2 Gig & upgrading is $249 per either 1/2 or whole gig; don't recall which without googling, so upgrading is out of the question. IE 6 & 7 is too cumbersome with only a 1/2 gig, so loading is slow so I have been using either Google Chrome or Opera 'til next year when I get a new computer.

Sure would love to get these 2 features in Opera fixed.