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Wish List suggestion

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I have a suggestion that would make the 'Wish List' function a bit more helpful.  

If the ratings function could be added to all the wish list items, it would enable a purchaser to check the ratings right from their wish list instead of going back to the item to read the reviews.  

I know I tend to add things to my wish list when they pop up as a new item.  I then check back periodically for price reductions, one day only pricing, easy pays and to see how any 'early adopters' liked the product.  Clicking for reviews right from my wish list makes the list a lot more useful.  


Also, please add the option of viewing the forums to the mobile app.  


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Im afraid that would all be wasted on me. I don't add items to my wish list unless/until I'm sure I want them.
But @Sammijo10, when you're at your wishlist, all you have to do is click or tap the picture of the item, and you'll go straight to the product description AND REVIEWS. Then one click/tap 'back' to return to wishlist.

I love th mobile app. Its so quick and easily maneuvered and glitch-free compared to the dotcom site. I hope they never ruin that by making it more like this.
Im here for the forums, but I go to the app to shop, watch videos, and buy.
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I only have a dozen items on my list, so there's not a lot going on.

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The changes I would like to see are:


1.  If I use the red edit button to change size or color,  and save it, if the item was on page 4 it jumps/moves to the 1st item on page 1.  In addition, any notes in the comment box are deleted. I know what items are on what page so I wish updates would be done "in place" with the comments left intact.


2. Allow more than 200 entries.  Bump to 250.




I see ratings in my wishlist.  Are we talking about the same thing.  For instance:


Alabaster / XX-Small (Edit)



4.7 of 5 Stars(96.0 reviews)
I see the number of reviews for my wishlist item and the stars.
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i would rather seen an alert via the wishlist or via my email if the pricing of something on my wishlist goes down. hsn has this feature.

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