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What are the HOSTS wearing??

Every now and again, a host is wearing something that catches my eye.  Generally they wear something related to the day's sales line up but on the days they don't....  It would be nice to know if what they are wearing is sold on QVC!  Today, 9/22, Pat wore a stunning long tassel necklace, I searched and couldn't find it for sale at the Q.  Is it?

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Re: What are the HOSTS wearing??

There's an entire page when you search for "tassel necklace."  Or you can ask her on FB.  Or you may get an answer from someone who might know.

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Re: What are the HOSTS wearing??

It's obvious to them that when they buy something-anything for that matter, it will spark someone's interest with the numbers of viewers Q has.  They really should post it on their page because someone will always want to know.


Personally, I always check Nordstrom.


I like a lot of the things Rachel wears.