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Not that long ago we didn't even have vendors on air - just one host.  What a concept.

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@GraciesMom2   Well yes I agree sometimes one host is better than two - unless of course the host is JT and the vendor is SG. I saw this show on Thursday and it was continued chaos. Couldn't watch this one either.  They hurt my ears, No idea what they were even trying to sell. They gave me a headache, total chaos.



JT hosted w/SG???? OMG. I would love to have seen that.....if only for 5 min, which probably how long I could have taken it. 

@shaggygirl  I was channel surfing and came across this show......I thought, oh boy, I've got to see this............lasted about the 5 min you mentioned.  What a mess!

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@MW in Iowa I like lots of the combinations -  and often if one in the combination isn't one of my favorites, just knowing it won't be an entire hour or two or more of that person means I just might stay tuned in.



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Another reason I prefer to shop online. If the video is too much, I just move on. I do know having so many vendors on via Zoom has made it harder sometimes for the presentation to be very smooth as far as comments go.

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I so agree why do we need 2  hosts yelling and being annoying.

I usually turn off or mute several of them, Jane Tracy, Kerstein Lindquist just cannot watch them.  I do prefer to order online and will fast forward all the chatter...

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I can no longer handle the bizarre behavior of most of the QVC hosts.

I am now choosing to put the TV on mute and only turn it on when

something appeals to me.