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It's all about the money! 

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I really like her! She's my fav after Gabrielle. 

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I don't mind Amy at all. The hosts I cannot watch are Mary Beth and Sandra! DIfferent strokes for different folks!

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@CAMOGIRL wrote:

Seriously, she sure is not the same old Amy. She started out kinda nervous or somethiing, then she became more relaxed with her presentations, and then ... not really sure what happened ...

She still is cute and stylish - but, a bit too hyped up for me... 

I do not know how some people seem like they are going to literally jump out of their skin over nothing at all ... hate to see them when there is really something too get excited about!!!!!

She keeps saying "real quick" - constantly.  That's just hyper.  Keep it to yourself if you have to move the show along quickly.  I'm trying to relax.  Don't keep telling me "real quick."  Real quick what?  You are running out of time? that's not my problem - keep it to yourself.  "Real quick" because whatever you are saying doesn't merit more than a couple of seconds?   Rush, rush, rush.   It's evening, I want to relax.   Quit telling me "real quick."  If you need to hurry, again, keep it to yourself Amy. I don't need to know that and I won't want to be hyper.

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This post has been removed by QVC because it's unkind to host.

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She's a host I just don't enjoy,  Her fake laugh grates on my nerves.  I also wish whe would devote more time in describing the items she shows.  She doesn't seem as well prepared as other hosts are.  Some of the other hosts give us more information on the items they show.

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Re: What Happened to Amy?

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In General:  Without talking about hosts here, there are a lot of folks out there in the general public who are over-caffeine-ating themselves.  I see it around here re: drivers who will almost run over pedestrians in order to get to our local, shall I say, 'coffee shop'.  It could be an addiction of sorts.  Around here, anyway.     Only a question: Now that I'm thinking about it, in general, are nursing moms allowed to drink strong coffee?   I occasionally think about that, and the effects on newborns.   .......... P.S.  I like Amy and enjoy watching her shows!  Lots of energy and she seems genuine.  I appreciate when she says that, around the house and around town, she's often a jeans, tee-shirt, and baseball-hat kind of girl. 

'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).
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@2blonde wrote:

From what I see on most of the shopping channels lately, motor-mouthing sells.  Personally, I hate it.  I prefer a much calmer, slower approach where the host simply takes the time to fully show and explain the product in a normal speaking voice.  For me, Carolyn, Dan or Marybeth would be excellent examples of hosts I enjoy watching.  (Note the maturity level there.)  These days, I mostly DVR the shows I'm interested in and FF past the fluff.  That leaves me time for other activities!

I agree with your comments.  I usually DVR and fast forward too.  Or I just don't bother to tune in at all.    Amy and Sandra speak way too fast.    Shawn makes up too many words.  I always enjoy the three hosts you mention--Carolyn, Dan Hughes and MaryBeth.

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@punky brewster wrote:

The shows with Lori are Hyper and Talking fast Amy ! really it's hard to watch and the my store comments really sound stupiid ,These girls chang when they get therer own show. and not for the better 


How true.  Also, Amy is the only one that refers to "my store."  None of the other hosts use that term when referring to QVC.