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{#emotions_dlg.confused1} Oh Shawn, you where doing so good, so many positive comments on your new style. You are so cute and your more professional choice of outfits seemed to be a big hit, but today, oh my not a good look. Maybe for hanging out at home on a Sat. I know you can do soooo much better, you showed us you could, I've always been a Shawn fan, please don't let your fans down and slip back into the old habit of looking like you just don't care how you look, we want to see you look like one of Isaac's models.

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Leave her alone. I like all of her looks. Why must we all look the same?

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I love Shawn. She is so down to earth and I enjoy her shows. She is my favorite host.

Shawn, you rock!

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I'd never suggest we all look the same, I don't see that anyone did, but if you're being put out there on television as someone selling fashion and style, you can at least remotely look the part...

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Shawn usually dresses like she is doing her gardening, yoga class, or housework. IMO, the MALE hosts dress professionally, so the FEMALE hosts should also.

The Q would never allow a male host to do his presentations dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie, which IMO, is the equivalent to the way Shawnie Sue usually dresses. All of the other female hosts dress professionally, so why is Shawn allowed to dress like she's in highschool?