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I heard them say the Bella Spirit CC was not available in the gallons but why is there none in the 32 oz bottles?  I only have enough for two more cleanses and you have nothing listed.  Thought that since June is Wen month you would have restocked this item.  I have purchased all the new Bella Spirit items but really need the CC.  HELP!  STOCK SOON

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@aunt bea 


Thanks for posting this... I'm in need of the Bella Spirit CC too and like you have purchased all of the new BS products! 

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Im in dire need of Indigo. I wont pay $80 on Wen website.

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@natalie1234 - There is a BS Indigo CC that comes in a tote with the BS lip treatment kit. Don't know if that will be of interest to you.

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Hi! LOL....thats what im using now! Really need the duo, though.