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Re: View products from order status


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and others, the problem I have the bothers me the most (and if I am not understanding how to click twice and get to the product page please inform me how) items I have saved in my wish list for example, when I open a item if I want to view all item details and the item shows 23 reviews the only way to read the reviews is to copy and paste the item number in search, the leave my wish list by pressing enter and search to pull up the item on the item page by item number to be able to see every specific detail, measurments, etc and to be able to read any of teh 23 reviews, or if there are comments on the item.  None of those are able to be viewed when in the Wish List and clicking to open a item that has been saved in that location to attempt to get further details or check further info before purchasing.  It would be nice to see all item detils when opeing the item in the Wish List and not having to leave the list and complete extra steps just to get the complete info on the same item.  This occurs when viewing the item in others ways also.  Again I do not know of anywhere in any setting I can click twice to get the actual item page with all the info.


This is so annoying!

They made a change to the wish list a few years ago. I gave up complaining about it.

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Re: View products from order status

I wish QVC would show on our order status which items we ordered are eligible for the holiday return. Maybe highlight them.