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No videos working

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I can't get videos to work either.  What is wrong with QVC's IT Department?

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Mine are working.

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No videos working on my laptop either; I use Edge web browser.


Videos are working fine on the QVC App though.

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Try using a different browser temporarily.

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I'm sick of playing browser hockey on this site, their loss.

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The videos aren't working for me either on MS Edge.  Yes, I can get them to work on my iPad, but I seldom use that for shopping and TBH I can't be bothered.


If something is wrong again with QVC's website, I just don't bother.  I really don't understand why other online retailers can have their websites work relatively glitch-free, but QVC's seems to be constantly having problems.


(Worked in I.T. for 25 years, so I really don't understand it!)

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Video's not working...please fix soon, I like to see what I MIGHT be ordering.  I have try all web browser's.