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Re: UPS Delivery Switches to USPS

Make sure your preferences are set to upgrade all orders. I think if the item is a pound or under it get transferred. I also check my shipments each morning & once in awhile I have to manually upgrade something. I have ready for shipment, shipped, notify the day before & of delivery checked. There's no charge if you have my choice.

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Re: UPS Delivery Switches to USPS

I should have received a sweater the day before thanksgiving. It would fit in my mailbox. I was home and went out immediately after the mailman left our cul de sac. It was UPS SurePost with delivery by USPS. Today I looked at my order status and it says they attempted delivery which is a lie. No signature should have been required and I was home all day. I received all my other mail in my mailbox. I believe it’s the inept substitutes the post office hires. We’ve seen them leave our cul de sac and come back several times to deliver forgotten mail. I could understand that if they are learning the job, but not the lie about the QVC package. It says they left a note with instructions. There was no note. I’m angry. I’m calling in the morning and if I have to pick it up on Black Friday I’m calling QVC. I want my packages delivered by UPS.
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Re: UPS Delivery Switches to USPS

How do I do this upgrade? Through UPS or QVC? To be honest I rarely watch QVC anymore except for Isaac. So I’m not sure if it’s worth it. I never have issues with Macy’s deliveries.
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Re: UPS Delivery Switches to USPS

It’s called “smart post”’s cheaper.

must be cheaper to print out order slips with no pricing and a 1” strip of paper for the return, high postage, return TO THE POST OFFICE, because UPS didn’t deliver it😩


I’m almost done with Q. Can’t stand watching but I do check recently on air ...which has also changed and not for the better.


Oh well. Less is more, right?

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Re: UPS Delivery Switches to USPS

I have the opposite problem.  I wish UPS would hand off my pkg to USPS, but 90% of the time I see a messge from UPS that says "We will be in your area today so we will deliver it instead of USPS".


The reason I need the handoff is I live in an apartment complex.  USPS will always deliver pkgs to the apartment office.  UPS will deliver to our apartment door.  We have quite a bit of theft in our apartment bldg.  The thiefs seem to especially like my packages.


The regular UPS driver knows to not leave them at my door but there are so many other drivers that deliver as well.  Mulltiple times a day.

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Re: UPS Delivery Switches to USPS

I sent a Temptations Christmas platter to my sister in Las Vegas.  It was transferred to USPS and took several extra days to get to her after arriving in Las Vegas.  When she got it the box was torn and re-taped and the platter was in 4 pieces.  With this type of shipping you can't count on your packages getting to you in one piece.  Many companies are doing this too and it always adds 3 to 4 days longer to get to the destination.  I love Internet Shopping but the shipping guessing game has ruined it.

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Re: UPS Delivery Switches to USPS

just the opposite for me ,   Ups is the one that has either lost my package or recently cigs get the contents with another persons package.  Prefer USPS even if sometimes it takes an extra day at least I get my item.

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Re: UPS Delivery Switches to USPS

Almost everything I order now, not from QVC, always says “shipped UPS”, which it is. When I track it, will say “ transferred to usps for delivery”. That’s when my order seems to drop into a black hole. So UPS ships, but USPS delivers. Terrible arrangement.

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Re: UPS Delivery Switches to USPS

This is nothing new.  Q's shipping has always been the cheapest possible method.  The method Q chooses is also the lowest priority for USPS and UPS.  So if the mail gets backed up like it always does at holidays, it's the last type of mail processed.  


The only way to change it is to add faster shipping when ordering or pay UPS an annual fee (or by-package fee) to upgrade for UPS delivery.   Of course, this applies only to packages that start with UPS.  Some of Q's mail starts with USPS so upgrades aren't available.


It is also the consumer's responsibility to know the extraordinary volume of mail can result delays and mis-direction in December.


IMO, I feel bad for UPS and USPS.  Those people are working around the clock to do their best to get mail to us.  They're only human.