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The irony of Peace Love World

I saw a previous thread about the Peace Love World vendor Alina Villasante, and I was unable to reply to TuesdayTaylor's post, but I am in complete agreement with her.  Villasante has been with QVC long enough to know better than to say the things she does, yet she remains just as rude, insenstive, and arrogant as she was from her first appearance.  Tonight she even suggested her palazzo pants be paired with "wife beaters" (slang for men's undershirt).  Not cool, Alina.  Not cool, QVC. She obviously won't alter her behavior, so I wish QVC would step up and step in.  The brand name that she espouses is contrary to her attitude toward the hosts and loyal viewers.

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Re: The irony of Peace Love World

Doris Dalton referred to a "wife beater" once and many board participants nearly came unglued.  The Peace, Love vendor is very loud and over the top in her demeanor.  I turned the channel after 3 minutes of her.

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Re: The irony of Peace Love World

The brand reminds me of junior high school clothing.  Just don't get it.  Especially at those prices.  Go to a thrift shop instead.

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Re: The irony of Peace Love World

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Does that mean they really beat their wives? I'm not familiar with this term at all.


How old is that Vendor ?


I did read up a little about her but did not get anything I felt useful to me. I've purchased a top of this brand as I like a funky/worn loose look...and zippers.


I had a hard time following the show tonight with her and the host. They seemed lost in their own odd world of ??..... I think it was about love or the printed version of it anyway.....shrugs shoulders. Woman Indifferent


eta:: Did not buy anything.

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Re: The irony of Peace Love World

Can't watch her at all.

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Re: The irony of Peace Love World

like you stated, it's a slang word.  Honestly if you find her offensive as you say, don't watch her.  I watched the entire show and didn't hear her say that.  I didn't find her rude, insensitive or arrogant.  I like her clothing.  It's pretty cool and well made.

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Re: The irony of Peace Love World

I am not comfortable wearing most of her affirmations on the outside of my clothing as, although I may be having a good mood and good day, many of the people I pass on the street are struggling to just have a decent day.  All the same, i do not find the vendor offensive or arrogant. I like her pieces that are more subtle in their affirmations and have raw seams etc. The clothes are fun and lighthearted.

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Re: The irony of Peace Love World

i watched her show yesterday and didn’t hear anything offensive or the like, so i can’t comment on what the op heard. 

i've seen plw clothing in maxx and i don’t like the fabric at all. seems too thin.  

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Re: The irony of Peace Love World

I Would not ever buy plain, over priced high school clothing.  Actions are what create Peace and Love in the world. 

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Re: The irony of Peace Love World

She is obnoxious, I watched for about 5 minutes then snapped out of it quickly & changed the channel.    I felt sorry for Jennifer having to work with  her and be bullied around by her.    It's ironic all right