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Re: Teach your hosts correct LE Creuset Pronunciation

@ajw wrote:

Oh Im so glad Im not the only one that is affected by incorrect pronounciation!  Yes, its a foreign language, but its easy to find out the correct way to say things.  Voila was my absolute most cringeworthy too!  Don't disrespect the language by making up your own version of a name.  This has reminded me of the word caramel. Its pronounced car-a-mel, not Carmel, a lovely coastal town in California!  

Oh so accurate.  It is disrespectful.  I feel the same about a vendor for my favorite beauty brand who calls Alberti "Albertaaay" , can't for the life of her pronounce colloidal gold but insists on repeating her mispronounced version ad infinitum.  The host who insists on "Eau daay Perfume"  follows suit and repeats the mispronounced words she hears loudly and  with emphasis as though certain her way is the right way--   

Then there's the host who would not take gentle correction and insisted on an Ethianopian opal over and over again.  


In most cases all that is needed is reading the written word and having enough respect for self and audience to slow down , enunciate!