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Re: Teach hosts correct pronunciations


@TnM22 wrote:

I doubt that anyone posting here or even living on this Earth, perhaps, uses perfect pronunciation on every word out of their mouth.  Until the critics here have spent hours speaking on live television - you haven't walked in their shoes.  Good grief - with all that is going on in the world - count your blessings - not other peoples minor errors.

@TnM22   Sorry, but I don't expect or want to see a host sit down before an audience of perhaps millions and say she's going to show us a "C-h-a-l-c-e-d-o-n-y" ring (yes, she spelled it since she couldn't pronounce it).   I don't worry about regional variations in pronunciation since that's part of the fabric of our country, but its inexcusable not to be able to pronounce words commonly used in your industry.  They're certainly are plenty of people at QVC to ask or in desperation, one could even Google it.

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Re: Teach hosts correct pronunciations

Yes inform the hosts!


Ochra is NOT okre

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Re: Teach hosts correct pronunciations

Same for "cotton"!

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Re: Teach hosts correct pronunciations

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I don't watch enough QVC anymore to hear what other posters  are hearing. But for a host to spell our the name of a gemstone because the host cannot pronounce it is crazy. I put the blame on QVC. The hosts should be familiar with all of the products that they are presenting before they get in front of the camera. I have heard several hosts speak about coming in hours before their shift to go over the products and meet with the vendors. Maybe they don't do this anymore since the vendors are not coming into the studio. But knowing how to pronounce the names of the products and the country of origin should not be optional. 

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Re: Teach hosts correct pronunciations

And maybe it was a bad day.  They could make much graver mistakes.  

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Re: Teach hosts correct pronunciations

I do not watch much anymore because the prices and shipping have gotten out of control for the average person, but I have a Renee dress and wanted a new one for spring.I reluctantly ordered because the price is ridiculous for the fabric that is used but I know that it will fit. I like the gal that is hosting but for heavens sake - please stop saying "lenth". The word is lenGth! Put in the effort to learn it correctly. It's like nails on a chalkboard to my ears. Susan Graver can't pronouce it either!