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TSVs and Big Deal

There are so many items posted on each page, the TSV and the Big Deal, that I can't tell which item is new and being featured as The Star of the Day.  There's just too much "stuff" on each page so it's confusing.

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Re: TSVs and Big Deal

I do like that QVC now seems to be giving us a few days to purchase things at the TSV price, as they are showing us TSVs  and Big Deals both ahead of and after the day of the presentation.  Every morning I look under the "New" tab on their website and see them all listed.  I agree that there are a lot of items and it is sometimes a hassle that I then have to look up in the program guide the day on which these are the featured items so I can watch the video before making my decision.  So, while I don't like that aspect, I'm really glad they are not shutting down the TSV or Big Deal prices after just the 24-hours.  Even though QVC's 'special' prices aren't really all that special, I guess saving even a few dollars is ok with me.  But yeah, I know what you mean.  There's a lot on these pages.      

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Re: TSVs and Big Deal

Visual clutter, too much for me so I ignore it.