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Re: Susan Graver

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Jayne Brown is the only host that is able to reign Susan in. On the Thursday show, Susan kept trying to interrupt Jayne, but Jayne wouldn’t let her. Susan even asked her at one point if she could say something but Jayne just continued on. Good for her!


          Agree!!  I really like Pat JD and enjoy her presentations!  But Susan runs all over her - constantly interrupts and never stops talking!  Susan's shows are no longer enjoyable!!


Why even have a host when Susan is on?   Pat seldom got a chance to open her mouth as Susan took over.the show.
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I enjoy seeing Pebbles too. Smiley Happy 


I have mainly stopped watching a lot of the fashion presentations because for current circumstances I would not pay the $50. + prices for items that I have a closetful of and only go to the grocery once a week.


I have many of her coats and jackets from the past and am very pleased.


When I have watched I thought that the video thing sort of made her mind her manners more, probably because she has to pay attention to whether the other person is speaking . 

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I agree.  I switch channels as she constantly interrupts & brags in a loud voice. 

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Ditto. I tried to watch her show tonight but she kept talking over the host. Someone please tell her to SHUTUP and let the host do their job. Annoying!!!
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Seems so common with either QVC or QVC host bashing threads. The OP is a brand new poster...

I find that interesting.

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  • I only began purchasing most of my household items & clothing, shoes, Christmas presents, everything from QVC.  I purchased several different brands of clothing & found some very cute items in Graver's line.  I'm a medical miracle (mishap is a better word) & my health has left me in bed, all day, for the last year.  I'd turn on QVC when I saw Susan Graver was on & at first noticed she interrupts A LOT!  Then I began noticing she goes crazy over every single item & has to say something about everything the host is trying to show & explain.  I've watched her talk an item to death & all the sizes, butt maybe 1, are gone but she's still jabbering.  I understand she is likely working on a line that won't debut for another year or more, so she maybe forgot how cute some of her items were but it's just way, way too much for me & I have to assume, others as well.  She's on right now & I had to turn the channel b/c my nerves & blood start to boil.  Is it her voice or is it that she seems phony?  I don't know but someone must say something to her.  Maybe they already did.  I start talking to my t.v., saying "For Pete's sake just shut up already" & realize she can't hear me so I can only change the channel.  It's really too bad b/c I like many of the outfits she puts together; however they seem to run big & to send back or exchange I lose s/h so I don't bother & hope to find someone I can gift them to.  Its nice to see I'm not the only one that feels the way I do about all her yabbering!
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That's what this Forum is all about.  Sharing frustrations about people that work at the Q.  Susan Graver needs to cut down her drugs or something.  The woman is always high.  It's impossible to buy anything from her line as she's always YAPPING!

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I'm so tired of hearing her Resume and posting herself as a Designer.  When is the last time you saw one of her sketches?

They keep her and get rid of Louis Del Olio, who is a REAL DESIGNER.



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Susan Graver used to make the best Jeans.  The ones without all the stretch.  I have 2 pair left that I wear weekly. Please bring these back!!! I know I have had these for 5 years or more, and connot find anything that comes close to matching.

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why do you always have a sarcastic answer for everything?