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@jackthebear wrote:



I am going to check later to see if this has been deleted b/c it's unkind

I think it's rather restrained for what we saw....

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     I have not watched a Susan show in a while...on purpose!  This morning, I was clicking thru channels and stopped on Susan and Rachel!!  What a train wreck!!  Susan would not allow Rachel a couple of minutes to even get the colors mentioned.  I don't watch Susan anymore because she will not stop talking...has to comment on everything!   Rachel is not a host I watch, but I thought she decided to stake her claim on the presentation.  Between the two, it was a "who can talk the most" match and no one won!! All in all, I had to change the channel!

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You know, it used to make me nervous when they would all talk at once, but over time I have come to really appreciate Susan Graver's energetic and enthusiastic conversation about her products. I want as many details as I can get, and in the flow of what Susan says, she tells us quite a bit. 


In general, I like information and a lot of it. It makes up for the fact that I can't see and touch and examine the clothing. And I DON'T need to hear a bunch of adjectives--gorgeous, wonderful, amazing, etc. I can figure out how I feel for myself if I know as much as possible about the item. 


Susan is upbeat and knowledgeable and I like both qualities.


That siad, I listen to the videos online rather than to whole shows, so I'm interested in all the presentations I hear.

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Re: Susan Graver

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I agree. I made 2 comments about Rachel's behavior on her Facebook page. They were removed. Rachel has gone to my "do not watch" list. She is very annoying. I watched about 5 min today, it was all I could take. 


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So many of these useless threads ....Susan is not going anywhere...either mute her or shop online as I do sometimes. It is what it is.

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This post has been removed by QVC inappropriate

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About every  single item?? Its a bit much.I do not watch her!

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I so agree.  I find her voice alone is annoying, but she just won't shut up for a moment. She constantly talks over the host.  It's good that she's proud of her product, but she's overboard and needs to reign it in and shut up once in a while.  I would never be able to host with her, because I would have to literally bite my tongue to keep from telling her to be quiet and let me do my job.

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I think Rachel was just trying to do her job, and Susan just won't shut up.  She acts like she hasn't even seen her product yet, raving how gorgeous and wonderful it is, jumping and waving her hands around, feeling all over the models, I love the product, but can't stand to watch or listen to her.  I just want to tell her to shut up!

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Viewers have complained about Susan Graver's "enthusiasm" for no avail. Hit the mute and check out the details online. Apparently she sells enough product for QVC that they don't care about viewer complaints.