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The clothes should fit properly so that we can compare the size to what we normally wear. I always look to model Rebecca. She proudly yells out Extra Large. If it fits her nicely, I know it will fit me properly. If it's a little snug on her I know I don't like it that way, and I should move up. Jackie is a large but her large always looks snug so if I were a large I would definitely say I'd have to move up to XL, but that assumption might be incorrect. it's not judging these ladies on their bodies, it's getting our sizes correct so we don't have to wait for returns and the chance that by the time we get it right, it will be gone. 

I also like the way Adrianne is fitted, Bonnie and Maria, as well as my 2 favorite Q models Katia and Rebecca.


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      I think if the models are there to show off the clothing so that the viewer will buy, they are off point!  Too often the clothes are just too tight!  Not a good look and certainly does not scream 'buy me'. 

     There are several models that I enjoy watching, but they are in clothing that is so tight one can see all the body's lumps and bumps.  If the stylists are dressing them that way, they should be fired!!

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Could it be that some, maybe many, men like to see women wearing 'tight' clothing?


Well, anyway, the models model whatever is on the model's clothing racks in their dressing rooms.  


I must say that most, if not all,  of the models have been showing the waistlines and tummy area of the pants they are



Which I greatly appreciate.  Thank you, models!  Heart

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Re: Suggestions for models

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I agree...many of the plus-sized models have on button up shirts that aren’t even close to being able to be buttoned. At least put them in a size that fits so those who may to see the shirt buttoned will know what it looks like that way. It probably costs them a sale. They don't need new models, but new stylists.

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If it doesn't look wonderful on Diona, I don't buy it.   I am not her size; more like Jacqui .  But if Diona looks bad in something, forget it.

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What happened to the models that we used to see? 

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@Carmie wrote:

They do the best they can with what they have to work with.

Then they need to work harder because ill-fitting clothes on a model or a host looks terrible and I sure wouldn't want to buy them.