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As I was watching various vendors handle the food with their bare hands and (thanks to HDTV) noticing the crumbs and squished food under their fingernails and on their hands, it occurred to me that it might be a bit more appetizing if the vendors wore thin gloves, similar to those you might find at your local deli counter or bakery.  Perhaps using some bakery paper or deli paper as a barrier would be helpful too.


I know this is not the most earth shattering issue, and I can certainly change the station, but I offer this in the interest of providing a more appetizing presentation for those who might otherwise be interested in some of the food items,  You wouldn't serve food with your bare hands to guests for good reason; likewise, handling it for the at-home guests with bare hands should be discouraged.

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Re: Suggestion for Food Shows

Your not eating the food so it should be no problem.  If the people that are watching do not take sanitary measures they are not going to learn from watching food shows.  

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Re: Suggestion for Food Shows

Here's my vote for gloves!    Guess hair nets would be asking for too much; but notice a lot of touching head and then food recently.  (aware only crew & camera people get to eat the displays = not the public)

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Re: Suggestion for Food Shows

Just glad I'm able to watch a good show without all the silliness and had manners!


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Re: Suggestion for Food Shows

I agree with @MellieM444  if for no other reason than we won't have to look at dirt under the nails, etc.


I don't notice it so much with the vendors but sometimes with the hosts when they are showing something close up.


Some have fake nails or longer nails.  You can see the UGH! under the nails as the camera comes in close.


It's gross and that's when I change the channel because it doesn't look very tastey.


It's the same way for everything.  People on TV must not realize how HD shows everything and when that camera zooms in.....well...when it comes to food especially, it's not very apetizing to look at ...............

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Re: Suggestion for Food Shows

I have seen a few that do use gloves.

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Re: Suggestion for Food Shows

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I agree with you totally.  I personally like Alberti and Rachel Boesing.  A LOT better compared to Shaon Faetsch.


Just a note, I ordered the so-called "healthier" Real  Good Foods pizza.  It was terrible.  Some people may like it but as a person trying to watch their sodium, I found a very high sodium content. I contacted the company and they said they were working on it, but I would not order it again.

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Re: Suggestion for Food Shows

I have to believe the hosts wash their hands prior to food shows but why can they not put a piece of cake or any soft food on a plate and cut it like you normally would to eat it?  The constant squishing of food looks terrible.

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Re: Suggestion for Food Shows

Funny each have an individual opinion. Rachel is so fake to watch eating , when she says yum before the food is even in her mouth and never has a descriptive word to help a consumer want to buy the item. Her goofy facial expressions in the camera are just too much for me and while im at it Jane and pat going back and forth are ridiculous what is that about .Three ppl hosting the food show yesterday for a while was just absurd. They need to cut the cord on those two women
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Re: Suggestion for Food Shows

      What I really would like for management to do is make hosts stop talking while eating!!  It is so disgusting!!  Didn't their mothers teach them not to talk when their mouths were full?? 

       I know you have to taste the food hosts, but take a breath and keep your mouth closed while eating, please!!!