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Stop Shipping via USPS to Addresses Where USPS Will Not Deliver

When QVC decided to stop allowing customers to pay for an alternate delivery method, thus leaving it up to the warehouse to determine the best method of shipping, many people lost the ability to have a guaranteed home delivery.

I don't live in the country.  In fact, I am less than four blocks from the US Post Office that services my street.  But because my street (yes just  my street) is considered county and not city, the USPS does not deliver to my home.

Instead the USPS set up a series of lockboxes at the end of my street.  USPS will not deliver to my home.  I avoid merchants who use USPS exclusively like the plague.  Whenever a shipper uses USPS I get a pink slip in my mailbox to come pick up a package.  This means standing in line for 40 minutes, IF I can get into the Post Office during their ridiculous hours.

The US Post Office in Frederick, CO is only open from 8:00 AM to 12:30 PM, Monday through Friday.  And they're open 10:00 AM to Noon on Saturday.  That's it.

This means I have to take time off work or cross my fingers that I can make their two-hour open window on Saturday just to pick up a package.

After making a purchase, plus an additional $23+ shipping & handling, from QVC for a $200 jacket that I need as soon as possible I was absolutely livid to find you shipped by US Mail.  That's disgusting to me.  I should have been notified that USPS was the method you'd be using.  And in all honesty, I thought you did away with USPS because it's been two years since I had something from QVC arrive via USPS.

Now I either have to take time off of work to pick it up, or HOPE they don't return it by Saturday - they're known to do this because it's a very small office.

So QVC wasted my time and my money because the warehouse failed to check and see if USPS delivers to my door.

They don't.  They never have and they never will.

Therefore my suggestion is this:  Ditch USPS altogether, allow customers to select shipping method again (even if it means us paying more,) or allow us the option to never use USPS for those of us who USPS will not make delivery to our door.

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Re: Stop Shipping via USPS to Addresses Where USPS Will Not Deliver

For a completely different reason, I asked QVC several years ago to have all my packages shipped via UPS.  This worked very well until recently - when the warehouse was given the right to make that decision for me. I had a number of packages taken from the mailbox, but rarely anything that came to my house (except for things misdelivered) via UPS was lost.  Now I am at the mercy of the USPS - a very poor choice IMHO.  Most of what has been given to the USPS has been small packages that will fit the mailbox, but this is sure to change in the near future.  Makes me think I should not order any further items.

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Re: Stop Shipping via USPS to Addresses Where USPS Will Not Deliver

You're absolutely correct.  And I'm not comfortable with the warehouse being given the power to choose my shipping method. 

This isn't a small item that will fit in my mail lockbox.  It's a huge package!  It won't even fit in the parcel lockboxes.  Our bank of mailboxes have eight parcel boxes.  The mail carrier puts a key in our mail lockbox, and the key is automatically held by the lock upon opening of the parcel lockbox.  It's a good system for small packages provided not too many people on our street are receiving packages that day.  There are 120 mail lockboxes but only eight parcel boxes.

Otherwise, if the package is too large (which this is by far) or there are more than eight packages, you must pick up at the US Post Office.

I'm more than happy to pay more not to deal with USPS. 

But now that the warehouse gets to decide for me I think it really will be the end of my relationship with QVC unless I can have all packages delivered via UPS because USPS just won't deliver to my door.

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Re: Stop Shipping via USPS to Addresses Where USPS Will Not Deliver

I can't believe that OP didn't ask.  Especially becasue she really wants what she ordered at a specific time.


Companies are sending millions of packages a day and the vast majority get to where they belong within a re4asonable time.  If they didn't, Internet shopping would not be growing at the rate it is.


OP obviiously has known for a long time that shipping is a terrible hassle for her, but if I lived where she does, I'd as asking every time I ordered --from anyone.


As a snowbird, I am well aware of shipping problems.  While I maintain shipping addresses with various companies and they have dates to go with those addresses, I still do a check every time I order for the first time from the current address.   That's MY responsibility - and as with many other aspects of life, I've learned that when you're different from the ordinary for whatever reason, you take care of yourself better than anyone else does.

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Re: Stop Shipping via USPS to Addresses Where USPS Will Not Deliver

What do you mean you can't believe I didn't ask?

I don't get a choice.  The choice is made for me.  I am not notified of the shipping method until AFTER an item is shipped.

And, as I said, it's been two years since QVC shipped anything to me via USPS.  I purchase more from QVC than I'd like to admit.  So it's reasonable for me to assume, since I've only been receiving via UPS, that USPS would not be used.

In fact, I purchased another item last week of the same size, used express shipping, and it was delivered in a timely manner to my door by UPS.

It is absolutely reasonable for me to be uspet that QVC decided to ship an item of the same size, under express shipping, using a completely different delivery method.

I didn't pay $23+ to wait a week to pick up something at my US Post Office.

I paid that much to have it delivered to my door.

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Re: Stop Shipping via USPS to Addresses Where USPS Will Not Deliver

I hope TPTB at QVC are made aware of this thread.  These people and many others have a serious problem.  If CS really wants to be of service, a solution will be found.

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Re: Stop Shipping via USPS to Addresses Where USPS Will Not Deliver

I am sorry for the OP's inconvenience, but I must agree with the other poster who points out that the OP's situation is unique, and the OP is aware of what can happen.


QVC ships thousands of pakages a day, and there is absolutely no way for them to know the quirks of every buyer's mail delivery system, and there is no way for QVC to know that the post office will not delivery to your door.  Situations such as this, in many cases, depend upon the local whims of the carriers and the postal facility.


For example, I live in the city, and my carrier would not deliver packages at my former address.  I used to live in the country -- way out in the country -- and the carrier delivered directly to my door.  Where I currently live in the city, packages may be left at my box or delivered to the door; it all depends on the carrier doing the route that particular day.


If package delivery is such a hassle for the OP, there are a few options.  The first would be to only purchase items she knows will be delivered via UPS.  Another option would be to have packages shipped to work or to a friend who can receive it.  Yet another option would be to get a box at a place like UPS Store where packages and items can be picked up at her convenience.


I do understand the inconvenience, but it is not the end of the world.

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Re: Stop Shipping via USPS to Addresses Where USPS Will Not Deliver

I received another invalid tracking number for my item from USPS.  I wish QVC would do something about this tracking system.  This is the third item I ordered that had an invalid tracking number.  It is time to go to another shopping channel.  The items I ordered from HSN always have the correct tracking numbers.Woman Mad