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Re: Stop Buying Merchandise from China

@GenXmuse No that's not my "go to" argument.


I agree about buying USA made when possible. Unfortuantely it's not always possible. But thanks for  you kind comment.

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Re: Stop Buying Merchandise from China

I know they sell a lot of things from China just like Walmart, Target etc.  I will not buy anything from China.  It is inexcusable to support such a vicious regime and I will do without rather than buy from them.  The money you spend supports cruel human abuse.  Abuse you cannot fathom.  If you want to buy from them, that is up to you.  In good conscience I can't!

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Re: Stop Buying Merchandise from China

I totally agree with you. And I disagree with the naysayers on here who seem to think that it is inevitable that we will be buying Chinese products. Don't forget the power of the purse. Every person I know, and many newly formed organizations are practicing what they preach about not buying from China. My motivation for not buying is that I want manufacturing to come back to America. If millions of people make the choice to buy American whenever possible, it WILL shift these jobs back to America.

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Re: Stop Buying Merchandise from China

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The  "Buy American!" crowd seems to think that at the snap of the fingers, suddenly the factories will be open and running .


That they will be filled with workers instantaneously.




It isn't that simple or easy.



We are not  a nation unto ourselves.



We live in a GLOBAL economy.



It takes years to get a factory going.



It does not  happen overnight.



It takes lots and lots of money to run a factory.


You have to pay for the lights, water, electricity.




Then you have to pay the workers.



The average minimum wage is what, $15.00 per hour?



Multiply that by an average 40 work week.



And that's just for ONE person.


Don't forget  to add on paid  leave.


Paid  sick leave.


Medical and dental insurance.


Now, take that number and multiply it by hundreds, and you'll see how quickly it can become expensive to manufacture here.



Then, you have people like me, who looks for the lowest price, regardless of where it is made.


If it's made here, cool.



If it's made in another country, that's cool too.




And there are millions of people who feel that way.



How do I know this?



If it weren't true, then Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store wouldn't be so popular.






Oh, for those who drive an "American made" vehicles, how do you know that every single last nut, bolt, s*crew, wire that is inside your vehicle, was made here?



How do you know that the parts weren't made in another country, including (gasp!) China?






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Re: Stop Buying Merchandise from China

Our ongoing pandemic has given many a glimpse into pretty horrific conditions in our meat packing plants.  Just sayin’.

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Re: Stop Buying Merchandise from China

China is our largest trade partner, and textiles and QVC-type merchandise make up a small percentage. I googled our 2019 trade history and it's very enlightening. Tens of thousands of jobs in the US are supported by trade with China and have nothing to do with clothing or decor. The types of things we import are no longer made here because other countries, not just China, make them cheaper, and companies exist only if they are competitive. Additionally, the Chinese textile industry has increased its demands for pay/working conditions and that's why so much of it has been moved in the last years to other Asian countries and Central and South America. Just look at the labels in our clothes to see the many different locations they come from. It's a lofty idea that not buying from China will bring jobs here, but it's not a direct correlation nor practical with our work force expectations and skill set.  Don't know of any young people here who long to work in a sewing factory. 


If buying from China is an ethical issue for some, I am all for following one's conscience (I refuse to support certain businesses because they discriminate), but the economics of world trade are unlikely to be altered.

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Re: Stop Buying Merchandise from China


Many slaughterhouses are now owned by Chinese conglomerates. I only eat ethically raised, free range chicken and eggs so I don't have to participate in the needless suffering any more than necessary.  Every lit bit helps, even if you cut down a little. 

Part of our problem is we are programmed and conditioned to be overconsumers, not just in food, but having more "stuff" than we could possibly use by how much is disposed of or purging sessions people do here, not to mention personal debt. 

Maybe we pay a little more, and only but two pairs of shoes a month instead of three, use up what we have before buying the latest greatest miracle cream that we should know there isn't one. 

There has to be more to life and taking time to look at the real cost to humans and animals alike and make changes when and where we can, even if it's just a few small steps here and there is part of being a global community and not just an economy. 

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Re: Stop Buying Merchandise from China

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Sadly, the U.S. is not a manufacturing country.  And it won't change until the government changes tax and other laws that make it profitable to bring manufacturing back to the U.S.


The U.S. also wants China and other countries to buy its products, meat, grains, etc.  They won't buy our products if we don't buy some of theirs.  


Remember, the U.S. is also guilty of human rights violations.  We need to clean up our own act before we judge others.