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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

I’m Christian and so Christmas actually starts on the 25th and ends on the Epiphany Jan.6th.

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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

@Malcontent  and I'm Greek Orthodox so they stay up until January 7th. My HOA is in for a treat as my Christmas Lights will be up/on after the 4th (designated by the HOA as appropriate). Challenge me on that HOA. 

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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

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No, I don't think you are petty.  


Usually, there are surveys done every year on when is the right time to decorate, the right time to take them down.


59% nationwide keep their decorations up until the beginning of January, a survey done by Thumbtack. 


That is how it is here in my area.  Most keep theirs up until January 6, some till mid-January.


The most popular time to decorate is right after Thanksgiving, but I see more deciding to decorate before that.


Retailers, restaurants, and businesses, here keep theirs up through January 1, sometimes longer. My town sometimes until the 2nd or 3rd week of January.  





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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

I personally like the feeling that occurs after Christmas because the pressure is off and a person can finally relax and still enjoy the holiday spirit and the fruits of your labor, so to speak!  I always leave my decorations up after New Year's and have always heard that it is bad luck to take them down before.  In fact, we still turn the lights on the tree and also the outside lights for a week after Christmas.  Why not enjoy them?  What's the hurry?  It's gonna be a long, cold, dark winter and what else is there to look forward to???  As for the Q, I don't know what there philosophy is, but I don't think it would hurt to keep the decorations up and the lights on for a few more days!!!  

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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

Might as well enjoy the cool winter months with pretty decorations because another hot, miserable summer will be here all to soon. I say keep them up for as long as you wish and enjoy the cool temps that go with the season.

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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

@fatcat4221 wrote:

This may sound petty, however but, today is the day after Christmas and all of the holiday decorations are down on air.

Retail stores are like that too - on December 26, there's no more evidence of Christmas.  They're anxious to move on; it's a long season after all.  But you can leave the decorations up at home for as long as you want - as long as the HOA doesn't object.

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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

For personal reasons I leave mine up through January 6 (even much later last year, and perhaps this year again).  But that's a personal choice. 



As far as retail, I don't see anything wrong with them taking it down or leaving it up.  Not phased one way or the other. QVC is in the homes of all faiths, religions, and sensibilities.  They have been Christmas-themed since last June.  How can anyone be upset that the decorations are gone on Dec. 26?  In fact, I never even noticed it this morning and I've been watching on & off for the past two hours.  


They are now focused on New Year/New You blah, blah, blah.  On Dec. 30 there's a show with gardening tools; soon after its Easter decorating.  It's retail.

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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

This may seem petty, but I don't understand arguing religious reasons to leave up tinsel & blow up polar bears for any length of time!

I put up my decorations for the holidays when I feel like it. I take them down when I am tired of them & have the energy. Mine are down as of yesterday.

I don't own an online retail business & have never been in charge of one, so I don't make the rules for that, either. 

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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

Liturgically - it's the Christmas season until January 6,  the Feast of the Epiphany.  

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Re: Still The Holiday, Right?

In the world of retail commerce, it's time to move forward.


Time is money, and it takes time and labor to set up seasonal displays, not to mention coordinating the receipt of merchandise, pricing of merchandise, billing and receiving of merchandise.


Enjoy the seasonal displays and the celebration of the things you hold dear as you judge, in your home. 

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