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Please if u want to keep up with the competition get stuff out quickly. I have two packages that have been waiting for u to give them to usps. How hard is that?

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I agree, one of my biggest pet peeves is them sending in out UPS and then when it arrives at our local UPS , which would normaly be out for delivery that day, it is then transfered to USPS and you have to wait up to another 4 or 5 days to get it. It is deplorable. On the bright side it's not as bad as Zulily, I'ev now been wait 4 1/2 weeks for a pair of leather baby shoes !!!    

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I cannot complain I've been receiving all my packages extremely fast.  As a matter of fact today I was surprised to receive something I ordered two days ago.  I  was impressed, now if my Wen orders would only ship that fast.😊

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Re: Slooooooooow shipping

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QVC shipping has been slow on many items, but HSN has not shipped an order for luggage that I placed 10/17.  When I inquired it was due to warehouse issues.  No one explained if this was a strike, computer glitch, or other problem.  

Since the gift is for a December college graduation, I decided to hang on a couple of more weeks. 


I received a box of Cheryl's cookies yesterday - Nov. 3 that were shipped 10/28.

They rode around in a hot truck for 7 days.  I opened them and my grandson and I each tried one and almost simultaneously said "stale."  

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In Process for days!  Get some more shipping elves!!

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I really don't think they care about improving shipping. Nothing has improved in the quarter century I have shopped with QVC: same 7 to 10 day shipping promise they had in 1991. And now the original shipping fee is not refunded on returns and the lower shipping fees are climbing back up. Yay for us. When shipping is a profit center, this is the result. 

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In process for days and yet can't cancel the order.