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I ordered two sets of Harry's candles on 11/02; the tsv glass hobnail ones.  They arrived today 11/9 and I am happy with both; expecially Winter Walk which smells so clean and fresh like a crisp winter day.  Cranberry Wreath is nice too; does smell like cranberry.  I will keep one winter walk and the other three will be gifts.  Boy, are they heavy.  Nice that boxes came with these too making it easier to wrap.

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I was at Marshalls yesterday and there were 3 or 4 fragrances for Harry for about $18 each. Good price.

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I do  not understand  the facination .The fragrance is rare...but if you like them,than buy them.

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I bought three of his four wick candles a few years ago. They have always smelled great and the melted wax pools so the wicks are never covered in wax and light up perfectly the next time. Each of the three are different.