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I am a huge fan of Skechers, from sneakers to demi-wedges to wedges that give me almost 2.5" of height.


Why can't Skechers make a closed-toe-year-round shoe with the platform wedge, like the Parallel?


Every platform wedge with that flexible, rubbery, striated bottom is a sandal.....we need a closed-toe shoe that can be worn year round with that fabulous bottom! I would purchase every style in every color, they are that comfortable!


I have bad knees and when I wear that wedge I have no issues whatsoever; if I try to wear a traditional heel of the same height, I am in terrible pain, and abandon the idea of a higher shoe altogether.


We need closed shoes, year-round, with that heavenly bottom!


Thank you, Skechers!



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Re: Skechers Platform Wedges

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Go to the Zappos website.  

Search for Skechers Parallel.

Search for Skechers Rumblers.

Did you see anything that might work for you?


@savories    Skechers does not read these posts.  You could try going to their website and see if they have a Contact Us link 

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Re: Skechers Platform Wedges

Thank you, PinkyPetunia.


I did try a Rumbler that QVC carried last year and had to return. First of all, the bottom is completely different from the Parallel. stank...I mean, horribly, like a burned tire. The man-made material they used was just awful...I smelled it even before I opened the box.

On top of it all, they were not comfortable :-(


But thank you for the suggestion; I appreciate it!


The Fly London brand seams to carry that great bottom on their closed shoes...but alas, they are too pricey for me! I will keep seaching.



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Re: Skechers Platform Wedges

How high is the wedge? I had the "rocker sneaker" remember that one which promised every step would keep us fit. Nope it did not, shoe stop selling as soon as it came out that it did nothing for fitness so no more wedge sneakers for me. Wow! did I have to live that one down.Woman SurprisedWoman Sad