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Shows to help teach everyone to Be Prepared with Emergency Kits & Supplies

It would be good to have several companies come together for a show to offer items all of us would need if we had an emergency.

Show us and sell us items such as a backpack full of items we would need if we had to leave our homes because of floods, fires, earthquakes, actions of nature, or man made dangers.

We would need water filtrations, food storage containers, meals ready to eat. Different kinds of dried beans. Dried soups we just add water. Space blankets to keep warm. Tools to cut wood or fix broken things.

Put the program together as if we didn't have any energy of any kind such as lights or ways to cook food. We would need a wind-up radio and flashlights. Small outdoor BBQ that would use canisters of energy for heating and cooking foods.

The show could be entertaining and helpful, and would be a public service to help teach Americans to Be Prepared. We know we have to be prepared; so help everyone get ready.