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Why does it cost for example, a shirt, $3.50 to ship but to return it $6.95.  It is bad enough that you charge for shipping but the cost is getting crazy. That makes the price to get and return one shirt $10.45.   I do not have that kind of money to throw away or gamble on.  At least have the same price to return as it is to ship.  Also, you have the buy more and save.  The price for 2 cotton shirts should be the same to ship.  

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I agree. It should be the same price to return as it is to arrive. It's almost an incentive to keep it so to speak. They must want everyone to think twice, which we do, before buying. Sometimes the item is just not the right fit. This week alone, I had two items sent to me that were completely the wrong item. I won't be paying the return shipping fee for that. It wasn't my mistake. But I definitely get your point.

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Re: Shipping costs

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Normally I did not worry about it, but now I look at that and more often than not buy from "A" because my returns are free if I take it to our local UPS Store, no need to even re-pack it, no box is required. 

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It's all about incentive. Low shipping price is incentive to buy, high shipping cost is incentive not to buy something you are not sure about as well as incentive not to return.

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They obviously get a special deal from shippers to send merchandise to customers that isn't available for returns.  However, that $6.95 is also a bargain price for almost any item.  You can't ship and insure anything for less.

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No complaints from me about QVC shipping rates.  Just received a catalog forget which one.  Maybe Soft Surroundings or North Style.  Shipping for one top would be $13.99,  If you ordered a second item the shipping goes up depending on price.  Their rates are based on $ spent.  A top I liked was $49.95 so shipping $13.99.  Two tops at that price would bring shipping to $14.99.  Not sure of the return rate.


My shoe catalog shipping is $12.99.  Return rate $9.95.


It costs the companies to ship, labor, materials, shipper's fee so free shipping has to be paid somewhere.  I am sure the hugh cost for companies to ship merchandise free, those companies are not shipping at a loss.

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Re: Shipping costs

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QVC charges for shipping as part of its revenue model, but it offers customers rates that are quite reasonable for the initial shipment (and especially good rates for larger items). With the return label, prepaid charges take into account the fact that customers may actually be sending back more than one item in a package, which would weigh more than the base rate, as well as the fact that a returns agent is involved in the process, which costs extra money.


I recently wanted to return a top because I didn't like it, so I figured I'd send it back on my own dime to try to save some money. It turned out that it would've cost $7.85 to return uninsured, so I ended up using the QVC label instead. Over the past few years, the rates for mid-size shipments have really gone up with all of the couriers; there are multiple options for really light and really heavy packages, but there just isn't a cost-effective option for this middle category anymore.

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I recently placed three orders - received all three together in one box.  I like this and wish they'd do it more.  However I was charged shipping on the three separate orders just as if they' been shipped individually.  Not right!

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did anyone see HSN shipping charges.  Your first item is charged 5.95 or 6.95and then any item you order in the same day is free... Wonder if QVC will do this in the future...