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Re: Shipping charges on multiple items



yes, i'm sure they could do better on the shipping, as they don't pay what you pay at the post office. i know because i have a commercial postage account. and i am 500% sure that because they ship way more then i do, that they get a much lower rate.

for the most part, i haven't had one order with multiple items shipped individually from anyplace other then a shopping network. the exception is if an item on my order is out of stock or it's one large item, like an air fryer and a small item, like a jar of nuts. and in both of those cases, IF there was shipping, each item did not have it's own shipping charge.

while it is true that they currently have more than 1 warehouse, they also have a new one that is way past super large. i don't know if it will hold every product, but it should come close, because in addition to storing qvc merchandise, it will also hold hsn merchandise.

from what i've read, some of the current warehouses will close at some point.

having said that, i am sure that some of the shipping charge, is an overage, which they keep. to me, that overage is the 'handling' portion of shipping and handling.

when there was a free shipping day a few weeks ago, i stocked up on lock and lock. bought enough to last me years. i'm preparing for retirement, because i don't want to 'discover' that i don't have a lot of this and that, that i need to purchase. plus, prices are only going in one direction.

yes, there will always be something new. but lately, 'new', doesn't always mean better, if you know what i mean.

because of what i think is over priced shipping, i have cut back on what i order that has shipping. items that i can find elsewhere with free shipping at the same or lower price, get my sale.

i don't order a lot of beauty products, body wash, body butter, face cleanser and moisturizer. no makeup. the companies web sites have free shipping, or free shipping over a certain amount. and dare i say that those web sites have 30-50% off sales all during the year. for example, when there is a 50% off sale, i get 2 bottles of face cleanser for the price of 1 and get free shipping. so, where do you think i make those purchases? why would i pay full price here, plus shipping?

when my best friend was alive, we would just place one big order, when there was a 50% off (aka buy 1, get 1 free) sale for beauty products elsewhere, and just split the bill. this worked because we used the same products.

we as shoppers, just need to look around for the best overall price, before ordering.

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Re: Shipping charges on multiple items

I ordered 3 items from Macys. They are coming from 3 different locations but the shipping was free because it was over the minimum amount required.  Don't know why QVC/HSN can't do the same.  

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Re: Shipping charges on multiple items

I was about to order 4 of something the other day but when I saw $5.50 to ship each one (going to the same address) I changed my mind.  $22.00 for shipping,no thanks.