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...Shades of Grey.." readers-if it becomes a movie...., <p>who would you select to play the lead parts? I am thinking Matthew Mcconaughey and Julia Roberts. I know they are a little "old" for the parts but I think they could pull if off. I am interested to hear your thoughts.....</p> <p> </p> ,75,0,30,3768,0,2012-08-11 17:42:15.757,561598,10,0.0,0,0,0,2012-05-08 10:52:00.237,546840,2012-05-08 10:52:00.237,546840,0,0,NULL,,NULL,NULL,0,NULL,NULL,NULL,2012-05-08 10:52:00.237,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL, 289483,1,1,598902,"different animal motif, Rabbit or Squirrel?

{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} Love Tempations but I do not collect chickens or pigs. I have a country theme lending to the rustic lodge idea. I have thought about it and I think a rabbit could be done, especially in the covered baker and a squirrel in the measuring spoons, bowls and in items with the figures on top as a handle. Does anyone else want to see more animals in the temptations line!