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The image has been elongated which distorts the look of everything shown in qvc. The live model's faces are narrower but when they split the screen and show her before image, it is wider.
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I agree.   Since the new sign in where your orders appear and now the elongated screen, Qvc is getting harder to watch and complicated to navigate.  

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I noticed this a few days ago. It's not viewer friendly. I thought at first it could be my satellite provider but if its happening to others there is probably another issue. Wish it would be addressed. I love the Q!

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I've had problems with watching QVC ever since we got an HD TV.  Q programming is not high definition and the screen is distorted and difficult for me to watch for too long at a time.  Some product presentations are worse than others.  The Beauty IQ channel is especially hard for me to watch for any length of time because of how it comes across on my TV screen.  And the sound on the QVC+ channel is so low that even turning it up full blast isn't much of an improvement.  I use an iPad now instead of a computer, and very rarely do the product videos work properly on the website, not to mention the frequent other glitches here.


If your shopping channels are not easy and pleasant to view and order, I won't be watching and ordering much.  

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Oh my goodness, I thought it was just at my end.

sine I generally only tune in to fashion that's where I see it but out of curiosity I've flipped to QVC at other times and the screen was fine. Weird

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I'm seeing that, too, on our TVs. I thought our cable provider might have changed something but I don't have that problem on other channels. The QVC picture is elongated, the print in the descriptor box is smaller.

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Mine is also like that. I thought it was DISH since that's who we have service with. Must be QVC. The only time I noticed it was not stretched out was when Mary Beth was on. DH said the hosts must tell them to change it to stretch mode so they don't look fat. LOL!!! It's not always stretched but stretched more then not. I won't watch it if it's like that.

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A nice poster on the board here clued me into a remote function that might resolve this for you:  under the #9 key, look for a "size" button, denoted by a # symbol.  I press this to get the desired resolution when I watch QPlus, which is not in HD.  Regular QVC is in HD in my area, so it's fine.

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QVC just started doing this a month ago.  It's not happening for all shows.  I hate it as you can not tell what the actual item REALLY looks like. 


QVC Plus is like this ALL the time. 


I hate watching programs like I just keep surfing.


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Try adjusting your aspect ratio.

It may be labeled as 4:3, 16:9 ...
Or it may be automatic, full screen, wide screen ...
Or stretch, super stretch, zoom ...