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I noticed Sandra's hair looks like she might have extensions or something. I noticed blunt looking ends, with no movement tonight.....not a pretty look. Is it just my imagination?
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Re: Sandra's hair

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Looks the same to me.  Not sure why it would matter if she did have them.

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Looked the same to me, she looked good. Heart

Don't worry, be Happy!
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OMG! Is this thread for real?

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What makes you think this thread isn't real? Just because you may not like what someone says doesn't mean it's not real. 

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IMO people will continue to comment on the hosts and vendors because we feel like our purchases are contributing to their paychecks, which it is. It's an ownership thing. It doesn't matter if you think this way or not, everybody has their own opinion.

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She looked very nice when I saw a video where she presented the "green" lipstick.