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I don't use or want to use Twitter but remember when they use to limit the amount of words posted?  Well....that needs to be done with these blogs......some people go on and and on forever... unnecessary - LIMIT THE AMOUNT OF WORDS POSTED!!!!!!!!!

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You can also skip the long post you dont want to read.

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Wouldn't  be so bad if paragraphs were used.

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@grooms  I see your point, and I know that some of us can get long-winded at times. But, these are forums, not blogs. A forum is a place for open discussion. I tend to skip over some of the posts that are really long, unless they catch my attention in the first few sentences. And, yes, paragraphs are often needed. I hope they don't add yet another restriction to these forums.

ETA: Many of the longer posts are very heartfelt and reflect someone reaching out to friends of many years for advice, and just for a listening ear. Don't discount them right away.

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These are forum posts, not blogs. Blogs are like diaries, with topics selected by one person, yielding an ongoing monologue from that one person. Forums are for opinions or help from various people exploring various topics prompted within subject areas. 


Although longer posts with many words are ideally formatted in paragraphs for easier reading, there is no reason to restrict words for forum entries. If it seems too long, if it's densely forced into blocks and blocks of words,  or I simply lose interest, I move on to the next post. The writer may sacrifice readers because of aspects of how thoughts are arranged. My choice as a reader is to make that a factor of reading or abandoning the post. 


People like to make their point or explain precisely and use more words or present more elements to be considered. I see no benefit in restricting an arbitrary word count that might result in not understanding what the writer is getting at. 

How many words are "too many"? How many words should be the "limit"? Who's the arbiter of the "right" amount of words?


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@grooms    First, these are not blogs.  Secondly, if something is too long or bores you, quit reading and move on.  Very simple.

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Whether someone goes on and on forever can be a matter of opinion, especially in the case of someone requesting advice. The more detail given, the better advice rather than necessitating a series of follow up questions.


People post voluntarily and people read voluntarily. It's not like a message board is a mandatory school or work assignment.

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@Kachina624 wrote:

@grooms    First, these are not blogs.  Secondly, if something is too long or bores you, quit reading and move on.  Very simple.

You tell it like it is. @Kachina624  I agree, nobody is forced to read a post. Move on!



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If you don't like it @grooms , skip over it.  I do agree that paragraphs help though.  I tend to skip over it if they are very long without paragraphs.

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Hardly the suggestion of the day let alone the year.


If you don't like it, don't read it. Buy your own forum and then you can control it all you want.  AKA the Elon Musk Method