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Re: SUGGESTION: Forum names - a page from Amazon's book

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I love the 'sock puppet' reference.   This is what he's saying:


"Really, who care about someone's nic, who they are, if they possess several names, if they changed it, have more than 2 or 3 accounts, or even "heart themselves".


This is just a shopping channel forum--life will go on."



It matters only when the multiple identities are used to deliberately disrupt and troll discussion groups and forums for the sole purpose of causing trouble. Posters who have been online for many years recognize what's going on, but the more naive do not. They are being taken for a ride and played with for the amusement of others.


No big deal, right? Well, not for me, I know (cough) one when I see one 🙂 but for the innocent and for the moderators, a PIT* - which is of course what they want to be.


Things must be slow elsewhere. 



          I agree, @Moonchilde,  with your points about when/why it matters.   I would add that it's not a requirement to care, but I suppose people also might care because it's dishonest to use extra nicknames if the practice is prohibited by the forum's policies.   Also, learning about the psychology of those who enjoy trolling, deception, and creating disruption is interesting (to me, anyway).   Even though some like to say it's "just" a shopping channel chat forum, real people are on the other side of these nicknames and for the most part probably want to believe they're posting with other people of good character, people with integrity, and that they're not being intentionally manipulated by someone perpetuating a ruse.    I do agree, life will go on.




Agreed, @dooBdoo - but I was commenting from the POV of a troll - *they* will never give a fig about how or what they do affects others, or how others feel. They don't have consciences, and are proud of that.

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