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This is not the first time I have made this request over the years.  I have been with QVC more than 20 years.


Please bring us Ryka shoes/boots in am extra wide width.  I debated over the TSV boot on 9/9/16 and just gave up.


I have pointed out the many reviews where customers who wear an average width size up to the wide width in Ryka products for comfort.  Obviously, this is a good indication that am extra wide would be a good seller for those of us that need a really wide shoe.


Please consider this.  If nothing else, the next time, perhaps next year if you have a TSV boot at this time of year; try bringing in some extra wide inventory and see what happens.


As a faithful QVC customer I would really appreciate this.


PS.  I have looked at the minimal styles available in extra wide, and there is no comparison in style.  I have tried a few items and they were a disappointment.  Also, some of us like a flat shoe/boot like the recent TSV which is not offered in those styles available.



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