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Please consider having a short video or still shot of rings on a hand.  It is just too difficult to judge the size and scale with just three tiny photos.  A fifty dollar tee shirt gets more consideration than a  nine hundred dollar ring.  Same goes for pendants and earrings.  I know some earrings have a head shot that helps but not all do.  I am not sure how anyone buys Ripka  jewelry with the lack of shows and or videos and or more still shots.

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I feel similar about the earrings.


It's hard to judge the size unless I see it sitting on a human ear.

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For me , I want all the facts  of the 3 C's  or info on a  " rare " stone . Let me see the inside of the ring band . Also,  to many rings  from the vault . Aren't there any earrings other than  studs ? All I saw were Peridot studs .

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For just that reason I did not buy a huggy gold earring because there were no pictures of it shown on a model. 


Also reviews are not showing up again which is really annoying. 

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Agree with all the posts. 👍