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QVC please do not allow people to write reviews on something they have not purchased. This invalidates your overall review score for an item. Look at Cameron C’s so called reviews on her TSV top!!!!
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You can report it but I don't think anyone is monitoring those reports as they continue to happen.

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They do these, so why not reviews.  Maybe report them I guess.  But doing a rotten review just because you do not care for a vendor does not help the rest of us.

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I just ignore the poor reviews that are not about the product but about delivery, packaging, etc. etc.  No big deal.  I don't think every review can be monitored.

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I take all reviews , anywhere , with a grain of salt !

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@Chessa35 ..... IKR......especially the ones that state "and in the garbage it goes". Now you know it's some troll, as if they don't want their money back?