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Re: Reviews and Comments,,,annoyed!

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Amazon website works perfectly no matter whether Firefox or Edge; why doesn't QVC have a decent IT team working their website...there are too many website problems that are unnecessary for such a large company.  Why should anyone have to repeatedly endure "change your name" to vote a review; I just don't vote!  I have complaints and try to sidetrack the areas that are annoying if I want to use website or forum.

@ScarletDove   I think the problem is not with the IT team but with the antiquated computer system which the Q apparently thinks its financially unfeasible to replace.  Heaven knows how much money they lose because of it. 

@Kachina624  That makes a lot of sense, although I would hope a good IT team would suggest an updated computer system... your point is well understood!

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Re: Reviews and Comments,,,annoyed!

This problem has been occurring periodically, the last about a month ago.  


I was told by the Social Team, QVC's IT Department updated the system.  I believe they don't optimize all the browsers following the update and probably when other changes are made.  


As far as reviews not showing up, it has been a periodic problem for a long time.  QVC lost orders from me because of it.  








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Re: Reviews and Comments,,,annoyed!

I tried that, but then it says that the nickname is being used by someone else!!!  Tonight the same thing happened, but I was able to see reviews when I got back on this evening...STRANGE!

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Re: Reviews and Comments,,,annoyed!

I'm sure the someone else is you.