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💵 Remember the"$20 Bill Alert"? 💵

A few years ago, we stopped seeing Pat James-Dementri, and other hosts,  pointing out items that cost around $20. I used to like this feature. Customers could try out products without breaking the bank.


l notice currently that it is very difficult to find any offerings in that price range. Now, many items are sold in a 2-pack, starting at $40 or $50 and going way up. This goes for cleaning items, face creams, makeup, etc. This deters me from trying the product. I feel that many other customers feel the same way, and you are losing sales as a result of this. JMHO.

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Re: 💵 Remember the"$20 Bill Alert"? 💵

I remember that phrase from Pat.


I also remember when McD used to advertise change back from $1 bill when you bought a burger, fries and a drink.


Those days are long gone.

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Re: 💵 Remember the"$20 Bill Alert"? 💵

@handygal2   I agree the two pack of items is a deterrent for me.

  last Christmas I bought the two pack of wooden circle stackers and saw them later sold individually at a check out stand.😠

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Re: 💵 Remember the"$20 Bill Alert"? 💵

I also wish there were more options in that price range! Jill still used to toss around that phrase from time to time, and I still hear Carolyn and David use it on occasion.

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Re: 💵 Remember the"$20 Bill Alert"? 💵

Often the $20 was/is the easy pay installment, not the full price of the item. And this did not include the shopping and handling, so it was usually more than $20 anyway. I think this is a misrepresentation of the true cost unless the full amount that I pay is $20 or less.

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Re: 💵 Remember the"$20 Bill Alert"? 💵

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Even if an item is a "$20 bill alert" item, with tax and shipping, it's no bargain.  On ITKWD Wed. Night a Cook's Essential burger press was approx. $15 (close to that $20 mark) with S&H around $5.  Crazy!!! 

ETA -- guess I'm talking about item price plus S&H.  

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Re: 💵 Remember the"$20 Bill Alert"? 💵

Now it is "for a dollar a day", or "for the price of a coffee".  They have used them all!!

Yeah, a dollar a day for the next 90 days - LOL!  and what kind of coffee are they drinking?