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After recently joining QVC and purchasing 2 items and reading reviews before making my purchase, I'm sad to say it, but some of the ratings and reviews should not be posted. It's a shame that some products receive low ratings/reviews because people don’t know what they're buying or don’t take the time to read or they expect something from the item that the description never stated it would do.

In almost every low rated or poor review I've read of the 2 products I've purchased so far, one which I sent back; I feel without a doubt there is no defect with the item, but the user/customer.

Don't think this suggestion will ever become a practice, but be cautious of clicking away from a product due to a poor rating. Take the time to read through the review and you will clearly see the problem isn’t the item, but the reviewer.

The reason I say be cautious is because it's easy for an item to get more negative reviews than positive. Most people are happy with their product and they move on and maybe never submit a review. Those who have something negative to say will some and submit their dislike/complaint/etc. So in other words it's easy for a product to have more low reviews than positive which will lower the overall rating of the item.. I usually try to check out places like, ShopNBC,, etc the minute I see some negative reviews that seem suspect - just to confirm that the negative review is fairly accurate or not.

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