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@Steffdoggy10 wrote:
I don't care for Rachel as a host. She comes across as very insincere and phony.

I would say all the hosts are like that. Need to sell!!!!!

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When she first started she was enjoyable, then started taking notes from Kerstin and she is loud , silly and not worth watching. Thank goodness for my remote.

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Re: Rachael Boesing?

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@SueC57 wrote:
Julia is another host that will tempt me to change the channel. She sounds like an auctioneer and giggles too much. It always feels like she's trying to impress someone.

@SueC57   Plus, she not only acts childish with hollering, she dresses sloppy, her hair is straggly and unkempt and her appearance shows her sloppiness....unappealing!

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instant channel changer for me.  She's loud, her voice is annoying, and she talks a mile a minute.  She used to be a weatger person on the local NBC station and she was quite pleasant.  Certainly nothing like she is now.  In fact she wasn't like this when she started at the Q.

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Re: Rachael Boesing?

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@Hoping for the best wrote:

5-25-24 Kim Gravel and Rachael Bosing ... Now I have seen it all.  Even Kim, at times, could not even get a minute to talk.  Rachael is like an AI computer.  Talks over Kim after asking her to explain the fabric of  her TSV tonight at the 12AM hour.... and at a mile a minute.  She needs to take a laxative...lololol.. the hyperness is just beyond.

@Hoping for the best RB may wear clothing well, but she is very full of herself and flaunts it.  She always seems to thrive on being center of attention dominating, controlling and showing off her narcissism!  Cannot stand her phoniness!  The excessive arm waving and the hand jiving is truly obnoxious and intrusive. She is one of several over-zealous, unpleasant hosts unwatchable!

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It's so funny how we each have some hosts we love and some we can't or won't watch. I won't watch Kersten or Terri or Courtney.

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I like Rachel.


And, I appreciate the different personalities and presentation styles of the hosts!


Great job QVC!

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@SandySparkles wrote:


@Junebug54 wrote:

@January121   Sandy Sparkles likes everyone and everything....  

@Junebug54 I am SO glad I revisited this thread today! Your post gave me my first chuckle, and I THANK you for thinking of me!😁 I can ASSURE you I do not like everything and everyone!😉 I freely express opposing views on a given topic, but simply choose to focus on the positive when it is there, because there is NO shortage of the converse here on the forums!😄


Have a GREAT day!🥰


~~~All we need is LOVE💖


I just read your response. Gal, you know how to zing it like no other!❤️❤️❤️

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Rachel is my favorite host, if she rushes its because someone "in her ear" asked her to

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She is hyper & talks a mile a minute.  Like Jane she spends too much time talking about personal subjects (songs, vacations, ice-cream, etc) and runs out of time.  Then she cuts off the vendor. I avoid her.