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I think Rachael looks good in everything she puts on. That's where it ends.

Her arms and hands are always going in circles or pointing frantically across the products. Distracting. 

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She doesn't bother me at all.  I can watch her with no problem.


I think she does a great job and seems to get along great with the vendors and models.


I would think the producer controls the speed of the show.


I watched her last night....very late rerun and her ear piece battery died.  She said she couldn't hear her producer and was lost as far as how many were left and how much time she had on each item.


I wonder how difficult it is to present a product, interact with the vendors and models and listen to the producer all at the same time.


I would think that is quite a juggling act.

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I have a feeling that the control people/producer/etc. rush her to 'fit in' each item in a certain amount of time.


I'm guessing that TV news anchor people are being 'rushed', too.  


Timing is everything, TV-wise.


Also, generally speaking, there's probably a nice St*rbucks in the building.  


Lots of caffeine brewing at all hours of the day and night. 

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@SandySparkles ... I can't believe you like her .. she is a train wreck!! .. she does like to eat though 🤣😂
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Re: Rachael Boesing?

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@January121 wrote:
@SandySparkles... I can't believe you like her .. she is a train wreck!! .. she does like to eat though 🤣😂

@January121 I appreciate your perspective!❤ I really LIKE her! She is one of my favorite hosts!😁 What you see as a train wreck, I see as a power train!😁 Perception is everything!🥰


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Personally I think that full speed ahead is Rachaels personality  full of energy.

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I happen to like her. I'm sure the production team is telling her everything she needs to do. I couldn't do her job. Sales is tough, multiple items, guests vendors and a strict time clock. I am a high energy person so I guess I relate to her! 

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I enjoy Rachel hosting fashion shows and when she is alone. Sometimes she does talk too fast and too much, but for the most part I think she does a really good job on Fashion Shows, and I particularly like her on with Kim Gravel..... 

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@January121   Sandy Sparkles likes everyone and everything....  

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@Junebug54 wrote:

@January121   Sandy Sparkles likes everyone and everything....  




This is so true! HeartCat Very HappyHeart